Do I need electrical adaptors

You will need electrical adaptors if your own electrical devices are not from a European Union country(United Kingdom excluded).

What about Internet access

The mansion is equipped with a Wifi broadband, so that you can use your own laptop. We will communicate you the WEP key to connect to the wireless network.

Move along on the island

Pedestrian only might move along on the island. Cars, motorbikes and bikes are not permitted on the Island, except those used by the Authorities.

Are animals allowed

Dogs are forbidden to keep the beaches clean and keep the Island peaceful.

Can we fish on Port-Cros Island

Leisure fishing is not allowed, as the aim is to protect the seas fauna and flora.  Consequently, shellfish picking, angling and harpoon fishing are strictly forbidden.

What kind of heating is used during the winter

There is electric heating, through wall convectors.

Is there any shop on the Island

The only corner shop is just a 100 meters away from the house.